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Dirty Trouble "Dirty Texas Series" Book 4

Dirty Trouble "Dirty Texas Series" Book 4

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She was everything he wasn’t allowed have.

Isla Eriksen was the girl next door, my best friend’s little sister, the girl he warned me never to touch.
Sometimes rules are hard to stick to.
Over the years I tried to stay away, but when she needed me the most I was there for her and all the rules I stuck by went out the window.
Now I have a secret life she doesn’t know about and if I tell her I know I will lose her forever.

He was everything she couldn’t have.

Finn Connolly, the golden haired boy I lost my virginity to, the world famous rock star, a well-known man whore and my brother’s best friend.
I told him to pursue his dreams when we were younger.
I was right beside him as he and the boys from my childhood became super stars.
I fought the chemistry between us for years, I tried to move on.
I tried to love another but he broke my heart.
Now I’m back at square one and we can’t seem to keep our hands off each other.
Unfortunately, first love and raw chemistry isn’t enough for him to choose me over loyalty to my brother.
One little taste can't hurt; can it?

*** Check TW on website ***

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