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The Sexy Enemy "Italian Nights Series" Book 3

The Sexy Enemy "Italian Nights Series" Book 3

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I messed up.
One too many shots in Las Vegas, and I wake up with the hangover from hell, a man in my bed, and a ring on my finger.
The only problem is that the man in my bed is my family’s enemy, and …
he’s naked.
All we need is to annul this mistake of a marriage, and we can go back to our lives as if this never happened …
or so I thought.


I wanted one night to let loose in Las Vegas and leave my problems behind.
Except now I’ve woken up in bed with the daughter of my father’s fiercest business rival and created a whole new set of problems for myself
Now I have a chance to win this deal and prove my father wrong, once and for all …
or so I thought.

The only problem is I underestimated her.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

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